Star Wars Coin Sales $$$

At the end of this year new beginnings were made, thanks to Bill Cable (Pres) and the Pennsylvania Star Wars Collecting Society. A few days before the end of 2017, I deposited the money ($6,154.18) from the final sale of our limited edition Star Wars/Pets for U.S. Vets coins into our Veterans Fund at the WAHS.
That brings the Pennsylvania Star Wars Collecting Society's donation up to $7119.40 in 2017.
Please share this and let veterans know that they can adopt at no charge. The pets are up to date on shots, spayed/neutered and micro-chipped.

Thanks to all of our veterans for their service to our country.

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A Christmas Miracle

I got the call last night from Tim Hammett, President of the Claysville American Legion Riders. The Legion surprised me with a $2000 donation for our Veterans Fund at the Washington Area Humane Society.  In case you don't know, if you are a veteran, you can adopt at no charge.  Find your best friend today. Just tell them that "Suzi sent you". XO

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Veteran's Program : Making New Friends

Here's a recent adoption from the Pets for U.S.Vets program at the WAHS.

Remember that our local veterans adopt at no charge. Just bring your DD-214 and choose your best friend...usually, they pick you! The dogs and cats are up to date on shots, already spayed/neutered, micro-chipped and socialized. Go down to the Washington Area Humane Society and adopt. It's the best thing you will ever do. If you can't adopt, donate or volunteer some time walking dogs or brushing cats. They really need your time and love...

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A Special Gift

Thank you, Susie Roberti of BPTV'S "Let's Talk Tailwaggers" for the beautiful sign.  What a great surprise!

I delivered it today to the WAHS and they will hang it behind their front desk. It's a good reminder of what really is important.

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Thank You!

They did it, again..
the Claysville American Legion Riders made a generous donation to the Veteran's Fund/Pets for U.S. Vets at the WAHS. More happy beginnings! Thanks so very much!

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Star Wars Coins $$$

I am so happy to update that $965.22 was deposited into the Veterans Fund at the WAHS from the sale of the limited edition Star Wars/Pets for U.S. Vets coins! This donation will enable 10 or more pets to be adopted out of the shelter at no charge to our local veterans.  There are still coins left so, please continue to support our program by purchasing this really cool C3PO good luck coin!!!
I chose C-3PO on our coin because he was in every movie :-)

"Working together in our community and making a difference."
Suzi Smith PHD (perfect hound dogs)

Press Release:  (Pennsylvania Star Wars Collecting Society)
Joins Forces with Pets for U.S. Vets for 2016 Charity Drive

Thanks so much for your purchase. You are a part of the solution.


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Happy HOWLidays

  If you're thinking of adding a new furry member to your family, consider a shelter adoption first. Veterans adopt at no charge through my Pets for U.S. Vets program at the Washington Area Humane Society. You can make the difference. Adopt, donate or purchase a coin (see below). It's a good idea to wait until after the holidays to bring a new furry friend home. It will be much calmer then and you will have more time and patience to spend on training and loving your new best friend. Be safe and kind this holiday season.  God Bless America!                                                                            Your Pal, Suzi

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